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Blue Ribbon Plumbing is a family run and owned business that was established in 1982 by brothers, John and Geoff Backholer. They quickly established a strong reputation of taking on and completing successfully large-scale projects especially for the Ford Motor Company. The brothers commenced their first Aged Care facility project around the same time, by the mid 1990’s Blue Ribbon Plumbing were heavily ensconced with Aged Care facility constructions as their extremely positive reputation was preceding them by word of mouth in the industry.

The Backholer brothers wanted to challenge the normal plumbing practices and they invested in the sewer machine - which was a first for the local industry. This forward thinking attitude has helped the business grow successfully to support a large team of plumbers, supervisors and project managers.

In 2014 the next generation of the Backholer family took over, with Tim Backholer purchasing full ownership from the family. Tim has continued the strong and effective way in which his father and uncle had operated the business, whilst focusing on how the business can increase growth. Tim has invested strongly with efficient internal processes and systems to ensure the business can keep growing successfully and maintain the reputation with positive experiences for their new and current clients.

To further build the existing maintenance service, Tim launched Xceptional Plumbing in 2016 which now delivers all of the maintenance and domestic servicing for the group. The benefits are enormous for clients, as after a building project has been completed, Xceptional plumbing can provide a complete scheduled maintenance program for facility which assists with the long term and efficient operation of the site. As the same group has installed the original plumbing, it makes it easier and quicker to solve any issues which may arise over time.

Xceptional Plumbing are also highly experienced in the domestic plumbing sector. Click here to read more.



The Blue Ribbon (plumbing) Group is comprised of two companies. Blue Ribbon Plumbing is the controlling company who undertakes all of the major construction specialising in the Aged Care facility sector and large commercial design and builds. We design, plan, project manage and construct all facets of a large-scale build.

Xceptional Plumbing works predominately with the residential sector comprising of emergency callout, home repairs, new builds, plus smaller scale commercial projects and maintenance contracts that support the facilities constructed by Blue Ribbon Plumbing. Xceptional Plumbing is also recommended and utilised by Real Estate Rental Property managers to maintain their rental listings and assist with insurance claim repairs.

Business Ownership

The Blue Ribbon group is family operated and principally owned by Tim Backholer.

Our Head Office is situated Moorabbin at F3, 1-7 Friars Road, Moorabbin.

“Blue Ribbon Plumbing’s mission is to provide plumbing contracting services which surpass the expectations of quality and service delivery to the Aged Care and commercial construction sectors. Our experienced team complete all work in a professional, skilled and highly efficient manner, allowing our customers to focus on what’s truly important to them.”

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