Aged Care Facilities

The specialists in Aged Care Facility constructions

Blue Ribbon Plumbing are the preferred plumbers for specialist building companies and have in depth knowledge and experience in Aged Care Facility Projects.

Our design team work with your builders to ensure the project is completed on time and in scope. We pride ourselves on being able to work with a wide variety of other contractors and understand the unique project scope of a build that an Aged Care Facility entails. Our knowledge and understanding of the unique specifications that require total compassion and understanding for the end user (the resident) is paramount. 

Our understanding of specific regulatory requirements for Aged Care Facilities as well as offering the full service that is required for these builds, includes:

  • Water temperature control systems
  • Fire control system installation and implementation
  • Installations of system to prevent back flow to reduce the risk of health and hygiene in the facility
  • Commercial kitchen and laundry fit outs to meet compliance specifications and for efficiency of the facility
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves - tight control of temperature - tested annually for compliance

At Blue Ribbon Plumbing we also have the advantage of being able to offer our team of expert maintenance plumbers after the build is complete. This means that your long-term maintenance requirements are low risk as we have the in-depth knowledge of the specifications of the facility and will easily and efficiently fix any plumbing issues that may arise.

What Past Clients Have Said

“Blue Ribbon Plumbing’s experience with major construction projects has meant that we have been able to concentrate our time on the overall construction, rather than having to shadow their every step. This has allowed for a great working relationship and more efficiency for all.”

Hiram Ng, CEO, Equisent Group