Large Residential Projects

Plumbing installation and maintenance of multi residence / multi storey residential sites

With the dense living set-out in large apartment, medical and hotel complex’s, Blue Ribbon Plumbing provides for all requirements of the individual living accommodation as well as the wider site.

The specific services that Blue-Ribbon Plumbing specialise in include:

  • Full internal plumbing
  • High rise residential fire system installations
  • Gas and hot water system installations
  • Essential service reviews
  • All underground and site requirements from mains plumbing to each living unit

At Blue Ribbon Plumbing our team of highly experienced plumbers are reliable and have exceptional customer service and we guarantee our work to give each of our client’s peace of mind.

Xceptional Plumbing are also experts in large and small residential plumbing services. Click here to read more.

What Past Clients Have Said

“Blue Ribbon Plumbing’s experience with major construction projects has meant that we have been able to concentrate our time on the overall construction, rather than having to shadow their every step. This has allowed for a great working relationship and more efficiency for all.”

Hiram Ng, CEO, Equisent Group