Our plumbing services

Blue Ribbon Plumbing have an in-depth knowledge in commercial plumbing construction

Blue Ribbon Plumbing are a multi-faceted provider who specialises in the construction of Aged Care facilities. We are the preferred provider for many large-scale builders as our knowledge and experience lie in large plumbing projects. Our services include Aged Care Facilities, large building projects for the commercial sector and multi-storey/multi site residential development projects.

We can assist with tendering large projects and offering insights to the plumbing components of your construction project.

What Past Clients Have Said

“Blue Ribbon Plumbing’s experience with major construction projects has meant that we have been able to concentrate our time on the overall construction, rather than having to shadow their every step. This has allowed for a great working relationship and more efficiency for all.”

Hiram Ng, CEO, Equisent Group